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Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Another New Renewable Fuel Technology Introduced

Researchers at the University of North Dakota, Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) have developed a new technology that uses “various crop oils and waste greases” to produce fuels that work in today’s engines without modification. According to the EERC website, “The process can be tailored to produce combinations of propane, gasoline, jet fuel, and […]

“How should I own my gold?”

Editor’s Note: This article is written to address “worst-case” scenarios that should be considered as part of a comprehensive strategic wealth management plan. The author does not anticipate or predict that any such scenarios would or will materialize. However, planning for the worst while hoping for the best has always been excellent advice in both […]

Financial coup de grâce. Fait accompli.

This is an important update to our (apparently prescient and accurate) post on Saturday September 20th. For full understanding, it’s best to read that post first. So, here is a formal announcement by the Federal Reserve Bank that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – the last two independent investment banks standing – will become bank […]

Irony: Fed Decisions To Undermine U.S. Banking System?

Let’s start with an important quote gleaned from an excellent article in today’s Washington Post which describes the Fed’s massive and unprecedented bailout plans that are intended to rescue the entire financial system from further implosion: “The program announced this morning runs the risk in the long run of profoundly changing the nature of our […]

What Is The Infinite Banking Concept?

Though it’s been a hot topic for many years, a quick web search on any major search engine will show you that there is much confusion on the internet about the Infinite Banking Concept. Skeptics say the concept is nothing more than a disingenuous ploy used by unscrupulous life insurance agents to sell a lot […]

FACT: Money Market Funds Expose You To Risk

Due to many years of sunny days and good fortune, holders of money market mutual funds have had their senses dulled. Money market funds have been so dependable for the past few decades that most people consider them to be a type of “super checking account” that offers full and immediate liquidity yet still pays […]