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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

SPECIAL! A Private Video Conference With Marc Faber

Spend the time. See the future. Educate yourself with the wisdom of a master. Marc Faber Video

Economics Professor Dr. Ravi Batra Accurately Explains The Historic “Social” Origins Leading Up To Today’s Economic Crisis

Here’s a link to an excellent interview of Dr. Ravi Batra by Matt Renner of www.truthout.org. Dr. Batra has been a keen observer of the American economic evolution during the decades that lead to our current situation. He has written a number of interesting books over the years but this interview is a terrific summary […]

The True Origins Of The Global Credit Crisis Explained

The financial talking-heads and, therefore, the general public tend to believe that “sub-prime mortgages” are almost entirely to blame for the global financial crisis. To me, this is ridiculous on its face and is more of a cruel joke – bordering on class-sanctioned bigotry – than anything even remotely related to fact. Depending upon how […]

The Corrosive Nature Of The Credit Default Swap (CDS)

Regular readers of my blog have seen me mention Karl Denninger and his work in previous posts and here is another of his articles that is definitely a MUST READ. Karl has an insightful mind and, in my opinion, is better-informed than most media-proclaimed “experts” in many areas of finance. For those of you who […]

Featured Photographer: David Svilar

This week I happened to receive a comment on one of my blog posts from an interested reader and in his email to me he included a link to his own website. Being an inquisitive person, I naturally clicked through to learn a little more about him and what I discovered was a delight. It […]

The Great American Pump And Dump

Here is a useful definition straight from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) web page which describes several different types of scams investors need to be wary of. This scam, the “pump and dump”, has been around forever and anyone who’s ever been involved in investing has heard about it. What people may not have […]

The Alan Greenspan Legacy: A Global Financial Mushroom Cloud

Here’s a “big picture” article that may even be able to grab the attention of the countless Polyannas and ostriches of the world. Almost unbelievably, many of these types still seem to think that what we’re witnessing in the global economy somehow falls short of the scale of damage wrought by the Great Depression that […]