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U.S. “Health” Care On The Gurney

Over the past year many people have asked my opinion of the healthcare debate occurring in our country. My response has continued to be that any so-called reform we see emanate out of Washington, DC will only serve the interests of the largest players in the healthcare “delivery” business and will completely miss the mark of reducing costs or fundamentally improving the health of Americans. Bottom line? It will do more harm than good.

With legislation passing, let the centralization begin in earnest – decimating any hopes of increased access, increased supply, increased competition, increased freedom of choice, and, sadly, improved health of Americans. These would be all the primary ingredients needed to let healthcare costs begin to fall. The opposite is most likely to occur now (perpetuating the mess we have now compliments of the AMA/FDA monopoly).

And the price? It will be higher than ever. Hang on to your wallet with both hands because the IRS will now be collecting your health “insurance” premiums. Any vestige of a “market” that existed in the healthcare racket prior to the enactment of this legislation has now broken completely free from ANY market pricing constraints since the government will be “collecting” the revenues and serving the limitless demands and greed of the healthcare industry by force of law.

The government will be “collecting” the revenues and serving the limitless demands and greed of the health care industry by force of law.

– David

This morning, I came across an article which addresses the question far better than I ever could yet summarizes my opinion so eloquently and completely that I thought I’d better link it to my site for visitors to see. I may add to this post later but, for now, please find the time to read this most-excellent opinion piece.

Healthcare Dictatorship: A Crime Against America

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