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Gulf of Mexico: Full-Scale, Unabated Environmental Shock and Awe

As I was telling a good friend last night, it’s very hard for me to even write this post due to how profoundly sad this whole debacle makes me feel. I am quite sure many readers feel the same way.

Helplessly watching environmental destruction occur on a scale never before seen by mankind is overwhelming to say the least. But that emotion is merely personal while the potential impact of what we’re all witnessing is very public – on a massively catastrophic scale.

To fully illustrate how dramatic the ultimate impact of this unmitigated disaster might become, I am assembling a list of links that, when read together, are sure to have a profound impact on your view and knowledge of what’s happening “behind the news” and, for many, will probably bring this issue much closer to home.

I implore you to PLEASE take the time to go through ALL of the following links and to read and fully absorb the message from each one while developing an impression of the truly unimaginable scale of what we’re facing.

1. The oil leak is MUCH LARGER than anyone (BP and “official” government sources) is reporting. In fact, the leak source BP is attempting to stop is MOST LIKELY NOT the main leak, merely an offshoot “riser pipe”, as opposed to the main wellhead as is proposed here:

(Note: “Top Kill” effort didn’t work as per recent reports)

Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates

Flow Group Estimates Leak At 12,000 – 19,000 Barrels/Day


As a point of reference, the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska spilled approximately 250,000 barrels of oil (which is 11,000,000 gallons) in total. This undersea gusher is apparently capable of sending that much crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico every few days.

Some oil industry experts and scientists are stating publicly that it’s conceivable this flow may continue for years – or even in perpetuity. At this point, no one knows.

2. Due to natural hemispheric ocean currents originating in the Gulf of Mexico, crude oil must eventually enter the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean:

Oil Enters Loop Current

Real-Time Ocean Forecast (Atlantic)

3. Crude oil, by itself, carries very serious contact, airborne, and consumption (seafood) health risks, even in small quantities. The full extent of the damage may take years to fully manifest among acutely, as well as chronically, exposed populations:

Crude Oil Carries Critical Airborne Health Risk

Crude Oil: Potential Hazard to Life and Living Organisms

Question: How will you ever know if the seafood you’re about to eat is toxic? Best answer: You won’t, so don’t eat it. Stick with animals that live on land and eat grasses and grains.

4. Poisonous chemical dispersants are being insidiously used to mask the visual (surface) scale of the catastrophe while exponentially compounding the overall scale, penetration, and breadth of the potential environmental and human damage:

BP Is Using Highly Toxic Chemical Dispersants Which Magnify The Health Risks

Oil Spill In The Ocean Brings “Death From Top To Bottom”

5. Russian scientific theory suggests that the spill may cause wide-scale human and ecological disaster for the entire eastern U.S. (and NOT just coastal areas!):

Russian Scientists Fear The Worst For Eastern US

6. Hurricanes can magnify and widely disperse the toxic damage:

Gulf Oil Spill: Brace For Hurricane Season

NOAA Expects Busy 2010 Hurricane Season

7. For good reason, local fears and emotions run high:

Unlike Obama, Lousiana Representative Shows Real Emotion

So there you have it. If this vivid presentation of gross negligence and mismanagement of a pressing crisis isn’t enough to turn our attention immediately toward embracing clean energy alternatives to our filthy and deadly global oil addiction, we’re reckless, hopeless, and deserving of the fate that comes our way. God help us.

Despite the fact that oil interests will fight us tooth-and-nail every inch of the way, it’s abundantly clear that mankind must quickly turn a major corner AWAY from oil and petrochemicals before we completely do ourselves in. Mother Nature sends a stern warning now and again – but there’s no guarantee she can save us from ourselves if we fail to heed her lessons.

May we all wake up soon and, for once, begin using our intellect to respect and repair the Earth that so generously hosts us.

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