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Jim Rogers Interview: Telling It Like It Is

Anyone who wants to weigh opinions of commentators on financial markets would be well-served to listen to people who have made millions and billions of their own and have ALSO managed their personal affairs in such a way as to break completely free from any constraints of obligation to a particular editorial stance, political party line, or national dictum. These are truly free, sovereign individuals who have reached the levels of fearlessness required to transcend ambition and “tell it as they see it” without fear of repercussion, reprisals, reputational attacks, or “political payback”. One such investor – and there aren’t many – is Jim Rogers, the “investment biker”.

Here is a link to a recent interview of him in Europe:

Jim Rogers On The Economy

While watching, remember that Jim’s time-frame is multiple years and decades long and he’s talking long-term. Short-term, he’s not likely to give much indication of what he’s thinking because, to him, it is less relevant. He’s a strategic thinker describing long-wave market responses to developments and trends he’s seeing and “processing” now and projecting into the foreseeable future.

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