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The Corrosive Nature Of The Credit Default Swap (CDS)

Regular readers of my blog have seen me mention Karl Denninger and his work in previous posts and here is another of his articles that is definitely a MUST READ. Karl has an insightful mind and, in my opinion, is better-informed than most media-proclaimed “experts” in many areas of finance. For those of you who […]

Credit Default Swaps: How Fleas Kill A Dog

I‘ve been on the lookout for an article with a concise description of the ongoing saga of the Credit Default Swaps (CDS) markets to pass along to readers and I have found a nice, simple one on the Guardian UK website. This article is written at a level any newbie can understand yet provides current […]

An Astute Reader Responds To My “Crushing Potential of Financial Derivatives” Post — Very Interesting!

My previous post, “The Crushing Potential of Financial Derivatives”, garnered a tremendous amount of “buzz” and traveled – much to my amazement – like lightening around the internet. I received a number of interesting notes and messages from a variety of people around the world but this one, in particular, deserved to be brought to […]